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2.2 Logo Design Web and Print Capable


Web and print capable logo takes usually 7 days. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

The same options apply to changing these logos as are described in the "Web Only" logo option. However, these logos give you print capability as well. This means that these logos are able to be formatted for printing media materials such as brochures, flyers, etc.

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2.2 Logo design - web & print
2.3 Flash Intro
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2.5 Select Design From Library
2.6 Custom Design Concept
2.7 Visual Element Adjustment
2.8 Color Scheme Change
2.9 Image Suggestion
2.10 Image Editing


Why web and print capable?

A logo needs to be timeless, not trendy. This little mark will need to look good in black and white, in color, on the Internet, blown up to the size of a billboard, faxed and photocopied, embroidered on polo shirts, silk-screened on cozies and slapped on the side of a truck. This is not easy to do. It requires extreme creativity, training and experience.

What we can do for you:

  • New Professional Logo - We will create a new logo design suggestion within 7 days and 1 additional concept thereafter if needed. You also will receive a short branding guide in addition to the .eps, .psd, .gif and .jpg file formats.

  • Redesign - We can revise your current logo idea and improve it or even change it according to your last marketing needs.
    Many businesses realize their logo blunders after a few years in business. The target market's desires and the competition's strengths become more obvious at that point, and a more sophisticated logo and identity are needed to bring marketing materials up to par.

  • Corporate Identity - A set of most popular office documents is also included with the package. We create a scalable EPS vector-format files that you can email directly to your printer or advertiser. Please look at the details below:

    • full colored logo version - This is a single logo version in all most popular professional formats like .eps, .wmf or .psd graphic file formats. There are also the original logotype fonts included. Feel free to submit it to any advertising or print agency
    • grayscale logo version - use this type of logo for your office laser printer, less expensive grayscale spots in newspapers or other appropriate paper media spots. Sometimes this logo version is the same like the black and white version.
    • logo version for fax - this is a black & white professional fax layout document in Microsoft Word. You get the logo and a fax template letter in 2 files.
    • business card layout design - that's a sample with a random name, title and contacts in .eps and .doc format, suitable for both: professional print and printing on an office local printer
    • envelope layout design - Use it right away in order to print out private label branded envelope whenever you need. Send it directly to your local office printer or to official print or advertising agency for larger number of copies. It is a DL format, 22x11 cm or 8.66x4.33 in inches
    • letterhead design - Finally we offer you ready for use private branded blank document. This is will be the most used logo application at your office.

  • Affordable price - Take the advantage to have all of this for only $! This is a great asset to your offline and online branding in the same time. Have all the branding you need to start for a flat fee!


  • You need to submit a short description of what you would like your logo to look like.
  • Point out some colors if there are any required to be used on the logo.
  • Feel free to submit a fax sketch of what you would like.

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