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2.1 Web Logo Design

Summary logo design for web example

Web logo design takes usually 3 days. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

A logo design is available with every plan. Input from a client is requested and a designer will create a logo based on that input. One suggestion and a couple of refinings are available for a web only logo creation. Plans that include more than one logo provide the option to change the logo up to the amount of logos included in the plan. Logos are Web format only. Logos requested for print and web are at additional cost.

More Web Design Elements

2.1 Logo design - web only
2.2 Logo design - web & print
2.3 Flash Intro
2.4 Advanced Flash Intro
2.5 Select Design From Library
2.6 Custom Design Concept
2.7 Visual Element Adjustment
2.8 Color Scheme Change
2.9 Image Suggestion
2.10 Image Editing


Why is a Logo so important?

All marketing materials should be taken seriously. But business owners should be especially careful with the logo: It is the foundation of a business identity and should go beyond an illustration or a standard way to write the business name.

What we can do for you:

  • New Logo - We can do a new logo design suggestion for your website in 3 days and do a couple of refining's of the suggested variant after.

  • Redesign - We can revise your current logo idea and improve it or even change it according to your last marketing needs.

In order to purchase this web element, please login to your design support page and send us a FREE quote request. If you are a new member, please click here. The membership is FREE. There is no obligation to buy.

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