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5.4 Online Forum


Online forum takes usually 2-3 days. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

This element is another frequently requested service. Online forums allow you to let your customers speak with each other about a topic. This is an invaluable tool for monitoring your customer service level, as clients frequently will post information about what they don't like about your service. Use this as a tool to better your service level and offerings.

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Why an online forum is so important?

Forum means a public meeting or assembly for open discussion. It brings your customers together with other users and members. The forum could be moderated by your own technical support engineers, so you get direct support from them. The best thing about being a member is anyone can help out others, learn about their applications and improve your knowledge. Here are some of the forum benefits:

  • Concentrating into your service topics
  • Platform to learn
  • Experiences to share
  • Wireless mobility to enhance
  • Acceptance of different solutions
  • Unique network of information
  • Global approach, local solutions

What we can do for you:

  • We can set the forum software at your hosted site
  • We can slightly customize it's look and feel like colors and fonts
  • We can guide you during your first experience with your own forum

See the examples below:

Forum example part one

This is the place where your visitors post messages to your guestbook. It is an online form and it could match any site design. The example is made in blue but it could be any other color.

Forum example part two

This is the screen where all the messages appear. Like the previous example this screen could be made in any color scheme.