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5.3 Guestbook


Guest book takes usually 1-2 days. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

This element enables you to ask clients to "sign in" when they visit your site. You may use it as a way to gather further information from your visitors.

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Why you need a guest book?

  • Connection with your site visitors - Easily receive feedback from your visitors by enabling them to place their comments directly on your website.
  • Fully customizable - it could match any site design.
  • No advertisements - No ads of any kind will be shown on your guest book

What we can do for you:

  • We can put all the necessary software on to your site

  • We can set the colors in order to match your design layout

See the examples below:

Guestbook entrance

This is the place where your visitors post messages to your guestbook. It is an online form and it could match any site design. The example is made in blue but it could be any other color.

Guestbook message board

This is the screen where all the messages appear. Like the previous example this screen could be made in any color scheme.