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4.2 Ten Merchant Products Input


Ten merchant products input takes usually 1 day. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

Products are setup for online display, shipping and handling functions, tax, description, price, quantity, etc. They are available for purchase in packs of 10.

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4.2 10 merchant Products Input
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Why you need a merchant products input?

Setup of a merchant store can be a time consuming process involving multiple facets of the business. Ensuring accurate and complete setup is essential to the operation of an online store. Products display, pricing, taxation, and fulfillment is key to any online merchant offering. Most clients do not have the time, patience or skills to ensure products are setup for correct operation.

What we can do for you:

We will ensure a complete product setup including product display or imaging, presentation, taxation, shipping and handling, description, pricing, and product coding. Products are complete and operational within the store when complete.

In order to purchase this web element, please login to your design support page and send us a FREE quote request. If you are a new member, please click here. The membership is FREE. There is no obligation to buy.

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You need to deliver the following information in advance:

  • Product names
  • Product photos (larger is better) in one of these file formats: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .eps, .psd, .cdr or .doc
  • pricing
  • Discounts (if any)
  • Shipping details

If you are already a registered member of our site, please login and send your initial information using our CRM.