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3.6 Smart submit to Google and Alexa. link sharing


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Google is one of the most powerful search engines currently used. Using Alexa link sharing allows you to increase your rankings within Google and get better recognition.

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3.6 Smart Submit to Google
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Why smart submit to google and Alexa link sharing is so important?

According to the current Google algorithm if we submit your site on Monday, your index page will be accepted on Friday, but it will take a month for all the rest site pages to be indexed.

That is why we offer you a great option to help your google submission with highly rated web sites link sharing. This will increase your web site ranking growth 10 times!

What we can do for you:

  • Submit to Google

  • link with keywords that you prefer in all sites owned by your business and its partners. We can consult with you on which keywords are right for you.

  • We'll publish your link sharing at www.alexa.com