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3.2 Adding "ALT tag" to all the site images


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Alt tags are recognized in search engines and may carry words important to search engine bots. Adding "ALT TAG s" also allows you to describe services or other important specific information without cluttering up your web page.

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3.2 Adding of "ALT Tag"
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Why adding "ALT Tag" to all the key website images is so important?

ALT Tags are commonly omitted from web pages, from the smallest personal pages to the largest web corporate sites. ALT tags can:

  • provide further detail for an image or the destination of a hyper linked image.
  • enable and enhance access for people with various disabilities.
  • provide much-needed information for people who surf the Web with graphics turned off, and people who surf the Web with text-only browsers.
  • assist in navigation when a graphics-intensive site is being viewed over a slow connection, enabling site visitors to make navigation choices before graphics are fully rendered.

What can we do for your customers?

  • Edit - We do review and analisys of all the current ALT tags at the web site. Then we optimize and do all the necessary changes to them
  • Set - We add ALT tags to all the key and important images at the web site.
  • Balance - We do the necessary balance between text area, ALT and META tags of each web page.