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1.9 Final Test and Launch


Final test and launch takes usually 1 day. Price: $ Only!    Get a FREE Quote

This is included in every package. A final review of the site is made and final changes documented. Publishing of the site occurs following the changes. Additions to sites after the final review and launch (i.e. Your site has been finished and you would like to add some additional pages later) may require an additional charge for the next round of testing and launch.

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1.9 Final Test and Launch


Why a final test is so important?

Realization of site needs is a function of your site growth. Sometimes you need to tune your concept in the middle of the work. Every new change in your site structure or content generates a lot of changes in your web site links, titles, ALT and META tags, filenames and even the width of the pages. That's why the final site version must be tested carefully in order to meet the best performance standards.

What we can do for you:

  • Local link check - Our quality assurance team checks carefully all the site links. We delete all the old file versions and get rid of unused image files.

  • Spell check - We do the spell check after your whole web content submission. You don't loose your Coordination Steps for spelling errors while your site grows.

  • SEO check - Since the last content issues are resolved we check SEO basics again to make sure that they meet the final site structure and content.

  • Upload - We move your site from your demo location to your real web address.

  • Live link check - After your site is uploaded we do live link verification and also clean up your old files at your host.

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